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The Creator and His Creatures

the creator is independent of his creation

Ontologically, there is a muhkam distinction between the Creator and the creature. Indeed, His existence is always independent and exclusive, not mixed with His substance in His creatures - which were created from nothing - nor are His creatures created to be in His substance.

What is mutasyabihat is the meaning of HOW (kaifiyat), because we as creatures always perceive everything in relation to time and space. Once we have the correct understanding that Allah is the One who created them from nothing, then His existence is always independent of them.

If we think that science can explain 'how' God is, it will be very impossible. Because even fundamentally the scientific method needs space and time, while space and time itself is a creation of the Creator.

These two things are very fundamental to science, even if we pull back entropy or as Einstein explained to pull back in time where the universe is the size of a melon. let alone God cannot be explained, entities outside the universe cannot be explained by science.

The inability of science to explain this is not a disgrace, but it is the "sunnatullah" (law of God). Not everything in this universe can be known.

the mathematical theorem described by kurt godel as "incompleteness" is inevitable. reality contains "something we can't explain" if we want to be consistently scientific.

Even Stephen Hawking, when asked about the existence of God, said "no" because time has a beginning and God needs time to create the universe.

This is the difference between Muslims and atheists like Hawking, Hawking positions God as the same as His creation (time), so we can see the ambiguity in his statement that says "God needs time" when it is God who created time itself.

Muslims clearly separate the entity of the Creator from His creation. Such contemporary discussions have been comprehensively and coherently discussed with very strong arguments by earlier scholars such as shaykh al islam imam ahmad ibn hanbal radhiyallahuanhu as in his magnum opus entitled "Al Raad ala al Jahmiyah Wa Al Zanadiqah".

imam ahmad said :

What to learn from this is, that if a man had a vessel of pure glass in his hands, and in it is a pure drink, then the sight of the son of Adam (i.e. the human) would encompass the vessel without the son of Adam (actually) being in the vessel. So Allah – and He has the highest description – verily encompasses all of His creation without Him being in anything of His creation.

And another mark is that if a man would build a dwelling place with all of its establishments and then locked its door and exited from it, then it would not be hidden for the son of Adam how many homes there is in his dwelling place and how big each home is without the owner of the dwelling place being inside of the dwelling place.

So Allah – and He has the highest description – verily encompasses all of His creation and He knows how it is and what it is without Him being in anything of what He created.

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