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Weight Gain After Quitting Smoking : How it Impact Your Body

There is an assumption that is believed by many people, namely that if we stop smoking, we will gain weight.



There is an assumption that is believed by many people, namely that if we stop smoking, we will gain weight. Actually, is this assumption in accordance with medical facts? The following is an explanation from health experts regarding this matter.

The impact of quitting smoking on weight

Many people say quitting smoking will make us look for things that can distract them. This unfortunately will make us more interested in snacking and eventually cause weight gain.

Research was also conducted by experts from the Kyoto Medical Center to prove whether quitting smoking can cause weight gain or not. The result is, this assumption is true. Those who quit smoking tend to gain weight. The higher the previous level of nicotine addiction, the more likely it is to gain weight after quitting smoking.

In a study involving 186 volunteers with an average age of 60 years, previously the volunteers were known to smoke up to one pack per day. Three months after the study, they quit smoking and ended up gaining an average of 1.1 kilograms.

Why do you gain weight after quitting smoking?

Researchers say the impact of this weight gain will only last about three years after smoking. After that, they will no longer gain weight and they will actually benefit from the health benefits of the decision to quit smoking.

The cause of the weight gain of former smokers is due to an increase in appetite, a significant decrease in the metabolic system, a tendency to do less physical activity, and increased activity of lipoprotein lipase, a hormone that plays a major role in the distribution of fat in the body.

Seeing this fact, those who quit smoking are strongly advised to be more diligent in exercising and managing a healthier diet to prevent the effects of this weight gain.

Various other health benefits that can be obtained from quitting smoking

Besides being able to make the body healthier, health experts say there are several health benefits that can be obtained if we want to stop smoking.

Here are the various benefits.

  1. Breathing will feel more relieved.

organs of the body that directly get a positive impact from quitting smoking are the respiratory tract. Many former smokers immediately feel breathing feels more relieved and comfortable. In fact, after nine months of quitting smoking, lung capacity will increase by up to 10 percent!

If former smokers also compensate for this by exercising more diligently, the respiratory tract will become healthier.

  1. Have more energy

Within 2 to 12 weeks after quitting smoking, blood circulation will improve. This will make the distribution of oxygen and food nutrients to organs, tissues, and body parts increase. We will feel much more energetic and excited to do various activities.

  1. Reduce stress

Nicotine content in cigarettes can cause stress, both psychological stress and physical stress. By quitting smoking, stress will decrease and mental health will be better.

  1. Skin looks healthier

Quitting smoking will make us stop premature aging problems such as the appearance of wrinkles or dull skin problems. The skin will look much healthier and fresher so that it can increase self-confidence.

  1. Make life long

Health experts say quitting smoking at the age of 30 years can increase life expectancy by 10 years. Quitting smoking in your 60s can increase your life expectancy by up to 3 years. This is due to a reduced risk of developing dangerous diseases such as heart disease or cancer.

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